We regret that due to the increase in orders on our Doors2size

site we are unable to take on new CNC jobs or projects.

Examples of files for CNC routing


  • We like all the information on a single file.
  • Some times the file becomes separated from the Email.
  • From starting to writing the CNC machining program takes just a few minutes.
  • This saves time, helps prevent error's, and keeps setup cost to a minimum.


This example shows material, holes numbers with detail, and a couple of dimensions.


This job was more complex but the principle is the same.

CAD drawing of parts for a 10 metre boardroom table


We grouped the different thicknesses of MDF in to boxes.

The 12mm MDF (bottom left) was used a templates for the veneer.

The narrow strips are templates for the Hardwood edging. (top centre 25mm box)

25mm parts are machined upside down with work top key hole cut outs.

This may seem a bit chaotic 


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