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Tips for Adobe Illistrator users sending files for CNC Routing.


  • If you can send the file as PDF as well it can be a great help.
  • Files can sometimes change when tranfered to other programs. PDF's give us a visual double check.


  • It's a good idea to put scale reference like a 500mm square with a dimension on the file with free flowing shapes. Some time's the scale will change when changing from Illustrator to CAD.
  • We can import Adode Illustrator, so machining directly from your files is possible.
  • If you want text machined explode the fonts to turn them in to graphics. If you send text as fonts, and we don't have your font a different one will be substituted, and your elegant font can come out as Helvetica. Again a PDF can give us a quick double check.
  • Send the your file as an Adobe Illustrator file not as a DXF.
  • If you use Illustrator to convert to DXF curves can be broken into small steps that take up a lot of space, and lose accuracy.


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