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About sending CAD files

  • If your not a CAD person don't worry we can still read Bits of paper, Fax's, Word Doc's, PDF's, JPGS, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • It's been a few years since I first wrote these notes thing have moved on quite a bit that time.



Tips to sending CAD files for CNC routing machining

  • Importing from Apple Mac vectorworks can still cause problems but not as many as we used to get.
  • It's always a good idea to also send a PDF file so we can check against the CAD file, which can sometimes be corrupted when converting to our CAD/CAM software.
  • Intersecting curves, and lines need to connect.
  • Lines on top of each other can cause problems.
  • We can sort these things out but if their are a lot of curves or shapes it can be very time consuming.
  • Scale should be 1 - 1 full size. Not vital but a good idea.
  • We machine from files in millimetres so millimetres are preferred.
  • Polylines with thicknesses should be set to thickness zero.


2D Files

  • All the parts on a single of CAD file grouped in material, and thicknesses.
  • If we have 20 or 30 individual files to handle it's harder to get an over view for quoting, and key file can be missed.
  • Notes, and details on the file are very useful. Files can be loaded on different computers stations, and emails, and note become separated.
  • Using layers for groove depths board thicknesses different hole sizes an be very useful.
  • Early version of DXF, and DWG are can be more reliable than the latest version.
  • When we transfer data via DXF we will use version 13 or 2000 if possible.
  • We find DWG slightly more stable than DXF.
  • If you have a 3D model it is always useful for getting an over view.
  • It can take time to convert a 3D file into a 2D file so send the 2D file as well.


3D Files

  • We Machine with Alphacam, and use Rhino3D for preparation
  • We can take most 3D Solid and Surface files our favorite is Rhino3D.
  • Mesh files like STL can loose definition when the parts are large.
  • An indication of the block size is always useful.



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