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Carbon Fibre Sofa

Tooling and Internal frame created from clients Rhino3D file.

Carbon Fibre Sofa base under construction


Leather upholstry, and Carbon Fibre body on plywood frame.

We created 3D models for the MDF tools from the clients Rhino3D file.

Machined the tools then used a local company to finish the tools and make the panels from the tooling.

We made the interlocking frame plywood frame and our local company assembled.

Made in sections for transit.

Rough Cutting Large Tool Block

Rough Cut of the large MDF tool block.

Finish cut of the large tool block

Finish cut of the two large tooling blocks.

Carbon Fibre panel ready for auto clave

Carbon Fibre Panel in the tool.

More tools in the back ground.

Carbon Fibre panel in the tool

Carbon Fibre panel ready for the autoclave.

Originally spec was to be glass fibre but the client changed their mind half way through and went for Carbon panels.

Most of the 14 MDF  tooling blocks finished were by then and we had to cook the panels at a lower temp for longer.

We lost two of the tools due to heat expassion.

These were recut and worked fine the second time.

A tense few days.

Finished Carbon Fibre Panels

Carbon Fibre Sofa Panels waiting for assembly.

Part assembled Sofa

Part assembled Sofa.

Sofa during construction
Part for internal Sofa frame

Parts for the internal Sofa frame.

Note that the parts are numbered.

Internal Sofa frame
Sofa base during assembly

Final assembly of the body and frame.


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