We regret that due to the increase in orders on our Doors2size

site we are unable to take on new CNC jobs or projects.

Basic Shapes...

Even the complicated parts of construction are made up of basic shapes.

We make a lot of curved panels and arcs.

Quadrants, circles, rings, ovals etc

MDF lozenge panels

We do all the basic shapes but I never think to photograph them so this page is a bit light at the moment.

Plywood Panel grooved for tongue and groove effect.

Plywood components with rebates, and shaped ends.

Window apertures for Fire doors


Our 10 horse power router heads are ideal for cutting through solid fire doors.


We do quite a lot of these.

These are parts for a Shepherds hut.

They look a bit tricky but if the drawing's OK it's just a few more basic shapes.


A series of rings for cladding columns.

We can make the cut out to suit your needs

Often the cut outs are made to give a snug fit to 45mm x 45mm PSE.

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