We regret that due to the increase in orders on our Doors2size

site we are unable to take on new CNC jobs or projects.

Doors and Panels


Manor style kitchen doors ready for hinge hole drilling.

For information on doors please visit www.doors2size.co.uk

All styles of plain MDF doors are available in 18mm, 22mm, 25mm thicknesses

Go to doors2size.co.uk

We can make these in any size up to 10' x 4'

3025mm x 1500mm

Style: Farmhouse

Raw MDF doors for painting

Detail of Farmhouse style doors

Angled doors ideal for lofts spaces, and under staircases.

Style Plain Shaker

Angles are pretty straight forward to setup.


Curved tops are a bit trickier. We prefer CAD or Illustrator files.

We talk about doors but we really mean any type of panels.

Drawer fronts, pelmets, End panels, etc


Door on top

5 panels style Shaker.

Our door display at our Huntingdon factory

A pair of decorative panel doors.

Routed from the clients CAD or Illustrator file.

We can machine panels like these but are unable to design them.

A set of angled frames for mirrored doors.


We cut rebates in the back for mirror glass and backing board.

Reverse Manor Door

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