We regret that due to the increase in orders on our Doors2size

site we are unable to take on new CNC jobs or projects.

Interlocking Panels, and frames

We needed a rack to hold rolls of foil.

This came out of 3 8 x 4's of Wisa spruce plywood.

The supports help keep the frame ridged.

The majority of our jobs are for simple shapes.


Even if it's only two pieces it can be worth doing.


Puzzle joints used on a template.

Joints like these require a little space between the parts.

3 metre radius part sphere in 18mm plywood

Each part numbered.

Atmos concept house

Hats off to the designer, and team

A few ideas

Frame for forming a hull for a racing yacht.


A couple of examples of how to compensate for the rounded internal corners that are the curse of CNC routing.

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