We regret that due to the increase in orders on our Doors2size

site we are unable to take on new CNC jobs or projects.

Lettering in MDF, Plywood etc

Machined in 24mm birch plywood.

4 layers thick.

Logo for the Eastenders reception area.

We also made a MDF template for laying out.

Machine from client supplied Adobe Illustrator file.

Salvation Army panel being machined.

One of 50 panels covering a frontage of 80 feet long by 20 feet high.

Length 24 metres

Height 6 metres

24 metres wide 6 metres high.

That's 80 feet x 20 feet high.

Point of sale display panels.

Veneered MDF

Incised engraving for seat back on river punt.

This works well with fonts like New Times Roman.

Size 28mm high or above

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