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Numbering parts....

Inserting part numbers or ID references into your CAD drawing can add next to nothing to the cost but gives you total control of your project.

Ideal for construction jobs.

Using a simple stencil font makes sorting out dozens of similar curves a dream.

The size of the lettering will depend on the space availible 50mm high is good as we can often use the same cutter as the profile cut.

We  can go down to 15mm.

Engraving simple parts with numbers or ID tags gives your team a fighting chance when the dead lines are tough.

A bit of planning can save a lot of head scratching on site.


A straightforward plan, with all the parts listed, can save hours of frustration and worry.

Also if a part gets damaged it's easier to identify the part for replacement.

This plan is a sophisticated layout with grooves engraved to check angles.

Plus numbered ends for easy connecting

Numbering the joints rather than the can be very useful.

The two joint number becomes the part number.


The jigsaw joint is worth noting, you should have a gap of 0.1mm on the curved part of the joint.

Section of 11 foot sphere for GRP tool

Designed by The Cutting Room

Assembled by the client.

We were really glad of the numbers with this one.

Hardly any of the parts were common.


A classic interlocking frame.

Tolerances of less than 1mm can be achieved.

Engraving the numbers on the parts can be faster than marking the pieces with a pencil after machining.

When marking parts from a print out there is always a chance of error.


When we machined these pieces for the Tate Density Exhibition we had under two weeks to make the files machine ready, create the cutting programs and then cut the shapes. With 400 sheets mixed of 8 x 4 spruce and 10 x 5 birch plywood this kept us on our toes.

Two of the 400 sheets were rejected due to tool path error, but because of the part numbers we were able to replace straight away.

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